Decision Helper – PRO & CONTRA

Decision Helper – Screenshot from within App

Decision making is an essential part of our everyday life.

Whether you are not sure about going for a walk, doing some sports, or doing laundry today. All of those decisions have an impact on the way each of our days goes by. But some decisions have an even larger effect on ourselves because they don’t only affect single days but our whole life. Whether you buy a house, car, or something else. Whether it has to be new or can be refurbished or second hand. No matter what, to make a good decision it should always be argument based.

For those kinds of decisions, I created this app. The app gives you a place to sort your ideas and weight arguments against each other. In addition to that, it gives you a nice overview of your current status of your decision making progress.


Multiple decisions

Since we don’t always have the privelege of having one big decision at a time, we often have to manage multiple decisions at the same time. Decision Helper helps you with this problem. Setting up multiple decisions at the same time, you still get a clean overlook and see the current decision status nice and clean at first glance.


Set a daily notification to sit down and collect your thoughts on your current decisions. Notifications help you to build up a routine and stay focussed on your decision for multiple days. Of course notifications are completely optional to use. So feel free to turn them of if you are no longer interested in being reminded.

Favorite color

Of course I thought about that. In the first version you can choose between 5 different colors. Don’t find your personal favorite color? Contact me and kindly ask for your favorite color to appear in the next update.


A decisions often needs to be done by a specific day. Even if you have no deadline, set your self one so that you really focus on making this decision and not loose track of it. In order to not lose track about the deadline, you can set the date yourself and get it displayed for each decision underneath the title.


Decision Helper gives you a nice and clean overview for multiple decisions at the same time. You don’t get distracted by unnecessary information to get a quick overview with a single glance.

More to come

I am already working on some more features for future updates. If you have any wishes or suggestions, let me know via Twitter or my contact page.


Version 1.0

5th June 2020

The first version of the App is able to keep track of multiple decisions for you. Each decision can be looked at in detail and you can add arguments against and in favor of that decision.

Version 1.2

24th June 2020

Another new feature!
You can now add more weight to specific arguments if they are more important than others. 

Fixed some annoying habits:
– arguments take up space! To give you unlimited space the list of arguments supports linebreak now to give you multiple lines of text for an argument.
– fixed the date picker on the edit arguments page to show the currently selected date when the page is opened.
– redesigned the color of the argument list to look better in the default look as well as in dark mode.
– the list of arguments now takes advantage of the bigger screens of the iPhones Plus and Max models the iPads.
– and some other bits and bites

Version 1.1

10th June 2020

Introducing a new feature: Swipe to change the side of and argument. You can swipe left on an argument to change it from being PRO to being CONTRA and the other way around.

Fixing: notification bug, tables size on iPads, input field is reset after added an argument for a faster input of multiple arguments, some typos and constraint issues

Version 1.3

2nd July 2020

I added a PRIDE color option in honor of the L.G.T.B.Q.I.A.+ community. This doesn’t just look nice but shall remind you every day (not just during PRIDE-month) to keep being openminded about the sexuality of anyone. This is my small influence on getting the world to a more accepting and openminded place.

In-app purchases are now available to let you support me in my development of new features and apps. Since I want everyone to use my app for free I don’t charge you for downloading the app. But if the app helps you in your decision making process, I’m glad to have a way for you to give back 🙂

Some bug fixes.